First steps

Bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and borrelia are very active. They steal our vitality, destroying the cells and tissues of our body. They discharge their acid into our blood, they multiply so that an ever increasing number of their evil progeny do the same to us.

In desperation, you buy a small frequency generator or Zapper model and are ready to take revenge on the small parasites by decimating them with frequencies.

Depending on how much you are already doing for the regulation of your body, your metabolism, and your inner environment, you will soon discover that the measure of your success with this technology is also somewhat dependent on that.

It will certainly make things easier.

Detoxification reactions

However, in some cases, even after only the first long application, it may happen that you feel worse. Mild nausea or pain may occur. You may feel a little dizzy and disoriented, or may develop a mild headache or a scratchy throat as if you were coming down with the flu. Muscle or joint pain may also occur, as well as bloating or cramping. A general sense of fatigue ranging up to difficulty concentrating. Skin problems may also appear suddenly. Your urine may turn a little lighter. A mild flareup of previous symptoms or a short-term worsening of current symptoms is also possible. This is completely normal.

What it means is that this technology that you have just used with your frequency generator or Zapper is working by fighting the undesired boarders.

Basically, all these symptoms indicate that the frequencies are doing their work and are destroying the parasitic micro-organisms. Because these are inactivated or killed, there is waste everywhere:

  • from the corpses of the parasites,
  • from the attempt by the body to restore its inner environment, to regulate itself,
  • from the toxins sometimes produced by the parasites to defend themselves.

All this overwhelms our vascular system and connective tissue. The lymph system has to work hard to remove everything. White blood cells have to phagocytize, i.e., devour and dispose what has been created. In other words: your body now needs all the help it can get following a frequency application, because the greater the resonances you can generate, the better the results.

Drink a lot

The first and easiest way to support your body in getting rid of all the waste is to drink pure, high-quality water. If the bioresonances were effective, all of your bodily fluids are potentially now full of toxins.

For most people, this simple measure is sufficient, but it is extremely important. Flushing your entire body with pure, high-quality water is so important that we recommend that you do not undergo frequency applications unless you are willing to drink at least 2 liters of high-grade water per day.


As mentioned several times earlier, the work with frequencies should be regarded as experimentation and research and should not be construed as a replacement for controlled therapy.

How to undergo treatment

The applications are completely harmless. Nonetheless, experimentation with this technology should be carried out carefully. There are no studies of this application in individuals who have a pacemaker, are pregnant, or are nursing. However, we must also say that there are no negative reports about these instances either.

In cases of advanced autoimmune diseases or organ transplants, you should work with a therapist knowledgeable in this field. Since the frequency technology activates and improves the immune system, negative reactions can occur in cases of autoimmune diseases as any activation of the immune system results in a deterioration.

As stated previously, no scientific studies are available and none will be conducted in the future due to ethical reasons – such as, for example, during pregnancy. However, not only did many women who used these frequencies before they knew they were pregnant not report any negative effects, they also gave the impression that the more detoxed they were, the better for both mother and child. Nonetheless, we recommend that you consult with a therapist in cases of pregnancy in order to ensure that all detoxification pathways are clear.

To answer your questions on how to prepare yourself to clear the detoxification pathways, we can recommend the books from, for example, naturopath Baklayan “Parasites – The Hidden Cause of Many Diseases” and “Gentle Healing with Harmonic Oscillations”. Here, numerous suggestions and tips on the topics of “Clearing excretory pathways” and “Removing blockages” are provided.

List of your symptoms

Before you begin, make an exact list of all your symptoms. You should include symptoms that are acute, which you are suffering from now, as well as chronic, older, or other symptoms that you deem unimportant, have gotten used to, or believe to be unavoidable.

This list is very important. Please take the time to put this list together carefully. On the one hand, this list can help you review which symptoms or indications you want to treat next, or which you can treat alternatively than you have before.

On the other, your old, chronic symptoms and aches that you have grown accustomed to can provide you with information regarding bacteria, parasites, or imbalances that have been in your system for a long time. While they cause typical symptoms, they can also keep creating new ones.

You should update this list diligently and review it periodically. It is a well-known fact that once we no longer feel certain symptoms, they are forgotten, and we recognize only those from which we are currently suffering.

It may well happen that you note 20 mild and one or two severe symptoms on your list. After a certain time of application, you may be free of 15 of those mild symptoms, and have more energy and joy in life. However, this new state of being feels normal after just a few days and you forget how tired, weak, and listless you were, and how much pain you had. You then only see the remaining 5 mild symptoms as well as the one or two severe ones and seriously believe that the treatment has done nothing.

It is therefore very important to read this list and, every time a symptom disappears, to check it off in green and mark the ones that remain in red.

Important Documentation

Furthermore, when you carefully document your applications and one of your symptoms that went away returns, you will know which frequencies or combination of frequencies you used before and can go back to these and apply them anew. Since it worked once before, there is no reason why it should not work again.