A brief introduction

Just imagine what your life would be like if your diseased state were completely erased and you had your health back. Whether it is just a mild cold that can be conquered in a day, or a serious disease that takes three months.
  • Commitment

    What you need first is a commitment to strengthen your immune system and overall health so that your inner environment is no longer a fertile breeding ground for pathogens.

  • Device

    The second item you need is a device that can generate the healing frequencies.

  • Guide

    And the third necessary item is an application guide, which we attempt to provide herewith.

Although it may at first appear a bit complicated to the layman, this application is extremely easy. Basically, any frequency generator available on the market for a few hundred Euros can work. However, research has found that the frequency generator must exhibit several technical capabilities that are not difficult to understand. When buying a device, please read the chapter entitled Technical Requirements so that you can achieve the best possible effectiveness in treatment. The treatment itself is then child’s play.

Although it may at first appear a bit complicated to the layman, this application is extremely easy.

All you have to do is enter the indicated frequencies that correspond to your condition on the keypad of the frequency generator and adjust a few of the electronic details to achieve maximum effect. This entails 6 to 7 parameters such as intensity (voltage) and duration (in minutes), that are clearly shown in the application table. Most parameters do not change by much and only have to be set once.

Press the start button and hold the electrodes in your hands or place them underneath the soles of your feet. These frequencies, conducted once or twice a day, treat the pathogens that cause the diseased state in your body.

Or you bring your body back into regulation by energetically balancing it via the harmonic frequency therapy according to Baklayan® (HEAL).

During the treatments you are free to do something else – read, work, watch TV, rest, sleep, meditate, or conduct other activities while the frequencies work their magic in you.