Questions about the software

For using the software, you need a computer with Windows 7 / 8 / 10, as well as an Internet connection to download the software.
You can now install the software and search for indications or ChipCards via the search bar. For the next steps, you need a ChipCard reader/writer, as well as a blank ChipCard so that you can create the ChipCard you selected.
In order to subsequently use the created ChipCard, you need a compatible frequency generator, for example, the Diamond Shield Zapper.

Questions about the applications and the frequencies

First of all, we herewith state that the recommendations of the work group in no way represent a medical diagnosis or medical therapy. We reiterate again that you should always be in consultation and agreement with your physician or professional therapist. The work group has not heard of any cases in which a frequency therapy has led to truly negative results beyond a massive detoxification reaction.

Nonetheless, everything should be used sensibly and carefully and one should proceed with caution in instances of various diseases or conditions.

Special circumstances

First of all, no studies or examinations have been conducted to determine whether or not frequency therapy is harmful for individuals with a pacemaker. It is a fact that today’s pacemakers are manufactured in such as way that even electric shocks from an outlet do not damage the pacemaker. However, you should proceed with extreme caution nonetheless. In our work group, we have received reports from patients who were cautious, but then decided to go ahead with the technology at their own risk. No negative effects were reported.

The same goes for conductive disorders of the heart. Of course, you should proceed cautiously and with shorter durations as the conductive system of the heart is sensitive to heart palpitations, a racing pulse, or other arrhythmias. If the frequency therapy triggers massive detoxification reactions, caused by the dying bacteria and fungi that release their neurotoxins into the blood, there is additional burden on the nervous system until the detoxification organs have eliminated everything. A cautious approach is recommended here.

It also depends on which frequency generator you use and up to what intensity (voltage) you wish to go. Standard zappers and the Diamond Shield Zapper, which many therapists of the work group like to use, go up to 16 volts and no negative effects have been noted. With any frequency generator that you buy, we recommend that you not exceed an intensity whereby you feel a light tingling on your skin. If you feel tingling on your skin, reduce the intensity until the tingling sensation is gone. We cannot preclude that nothing negative will occur if you handle your frequency generator, purchased on the open market, recklessly and enter low frequencies with an extremely high intensity.

Questions about the researchers and developers.

Dr. Hulda Clark (1928-2009) studied biology and earned her Ph.D. in Physiology – subsequently she dedicated her time to work and research in the field of naturopathy. Today, she is best known for her book “Healing is possible” and the Clark Zapper.
She was a pioneer in frequency research and provided the basis for many later zapper models, including the Diamond Shield Zapper.

After Dr. Clark opened her naturopathic practice, she spent most of her time on cancer research and therapy, authoring six books on the subject. According to Clark therapy, there are only two causes for chronic diseases: the parasite Fasciolopsis buski and environmental toxins.

She made the instructions for building the Clark Zapper available to everyone in her book so that it could be replicated in its simplest form by readers themselves.

Through countless hours of research and work, this zapper was further developed, expanded, and improved so that a good zapper model today has many more options and features built in.