Healing Frequency - Harmonic and Healing Frequencies

In the online library, you will find the HEAL library by naturopath Alan E. Baklayan and a list of frequencies by Dr. Hulda R. Clark and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife - you can transfer these on a chipcard with our free software.

The new online library for harmonic and healing frequencies
In the online library, you will find the HEAL library by naturopath Alan E. Baklayan and a list of frequencies by Dr. Hulda R. Clark and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. You can search for indications that are to be treated such as allergies, viruses, parasites, and much more in our database. You can also create your own chipcards that you can pass on to your patients.

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Latest version 1.3.0

With this newest software update your old software version will no longer function. Please make sure to install the newest version.
  • New design, so that working with Healing Frequency software is even more easy

Software Version Archive

Please make sure, that the newest software version is installed on the Diamond Shield Zapper or else it is possible, that the new programs don't function. At least software version 2.1.5 should be installed.

Which Zappers are compatible with the Healing Frequency software?

The software Healing Frequency is especially compatible with all versions of the Diamond Shield Zapper series, as well as Biowave generations.
But since the Diamond Shield series is rather new and highly developed only with this device will every function work - therefore it is highly recommendable to use this brand.
Compatible Zappers are:

  • Diamond Shield Zapper IE
  • Diamond Shield Crystal Zapper
  • Diamond Shield Biowave 42 Zapper
  • Diamond Shield Professional Zapper
  • Biowave Golden Harmony
  • Biowave 77
  • Biowave 21 LCD / GoldenStream
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The Revolution: Acupuncture without needles

Can a new method completely replace acupuncture with needles? The Chinese H.E.A.L. (Harmonic Energetic Acupuncture and Pathway Application) - after acupuncture has been practiced with needles for 3,000 years, we now have the possibility to achieve the same specific effect with frequencies!

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Healing Frequencies Blog

Here you will always discover the most current information on the topic of healing frequencies. Our blog provides you with the latest information on what frequency therapy and applications have to offer.

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Interview with naturopath Alan E. Baklayan

In this detailed interview, Alan E. Baklayan, naturopath, Sifu, and author as well as inventor of the Diamond Shield Zapper, Biowave, TRIKOMBIN and the impulse discharge theory, shares the marvelousness of frequency therapy.

Why is working with frequencies so incredibly effective and innovative?
How did he achieve successes in this field so quickly?
What do defiance and charlatans have to do with the invention of the Golden Stream?
And what is the Diamond Shield Program anyway?

Interview with Alan E. Baklayan

A new library

This manual / online library should in no way replace the research and experience of the various therapists, nor the different types of devices used in therapy. Instead, it should serve as a foundation to make all the material that has already been gathered more accessible to the public after it had to remain in the the background for so long. The Academy of harmonical frequency procedure, owes a great deal of gratitude to the many researchers who have dedicated their lives to researching a non-invasive and drug-free method to fight disease. This manual and online library would not have come into being without the many contributions and suggestions from the working group. Finally, a big thank you to all the patients and other individuals who were willing to report their positive results with these technologies, frequencies, and frequency combinations and always encouraged us to go on in our research. Without them, of course, we would not have progressed any further and would not be able to show any results.

Gentle therapies with biofrequencies

In this free ebook by naturopath Alan E. Baklayan - the chipcards available for the Diamond Shield Zapper, what they do and how to use them.

Other literature

To answer the question: how to prepare for treatment of the various indications and how to clear detoxification pathways, we can recommend the following books: