What you need for the online library

In order to work with the frequency manual you need :
  • A frequency generator or zapper with numeric keypad
  • If you would like to use several frequencies or combinations more often, compatible, rewritable ChipCards can prove to be very efficient.
In order to work with the online library you need:
  • A standard frequency generator or a zapper
  • A storage device for the downloading of the frequencies to ChipCards
  • Compatible ChipCards on which the desired frequencies and settings recommended by the work group can be saved with just a click of the mouse
  • As an option, you can select a zapper with a numeric keypad, for example, to set a wobble range or to customize other parameters
For in-depth work with the online library, we recommend:
  • If you would like to use the online library intensively, we recommend access via input screen. This professional application is optimized for therapists and enables downloading onto specialized, rewritable ChipCards as well as customization of parameters.

For important functions of the device, please read Technical Requirements.

What data is available to you

In the online library, you will find the HEAL library by naturopath Alan E. Baklayan and a list of frequencies by Dr. Hulda R. Clark and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.

The entire harmonic and HEAL frequencies, as well as the Clark and Rife library, together with the TRIKOMBIN are available for professional work with frequencies.

What is HEAL?

HEAL is the Harmonic Energetic Acupuncture and Leitbahn (pathway) therapy, that naturopath A. E. Baklayan has further developed from his harmonic frequencies.

The harmonic frequency therapy by Baklayan® is based on the harmonic laws of the school of Pythagoras and strives for the regulation of the entire body. HEAL is the result of many years of research and represents the entire Chinese acupuncture system in the form of frequencies, in other words, a mathematically-calculated acupuncture without needles.

What are the hallmarks of the list of frequencies by Dr. Hulda R. Clark:

The frequencies of Dr. Clark are in the kilohertz range. To optimize the therapy, there is wobbling between a lower (1) and a higher (2) frequency (for clarification please see the chapter entitled Technical Requirements).

In order to optimize the therapy, a modulation can be set, meaning two frequency ranges simultaneously. We recommend modulating with the factor 128. To remain in the therapeutic frequency range, the Clark frequencies in the table were divided by 128 and are modulated, i.e., both ranges simultaneously, (3) + (4)).

What are the hallmarks of the list of frequencies by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife:

The frequencies by Dr. Rife are in the hertz to lower kilohertz range. Primarily, the exact frequencies are applied with the suggested duration and settings saved on the ChipCards or

entered directly into a device with a numeric keypad.