Questions about the software

For using the software, you need a computer with Windows 7 / 8 / 10, as well as an Internet connection to download the software.
You can now install the software and search for indications or ChipCards via the search bar. For the next steps, you need a ChipCard reader/writer, as well as a blank ChipCard so that you can create the ChipCard you selected.
In order to subsequently use the created ChipCard, you need a compatible frequency generator, for example, the Diamond Shield Zapper.
Of course! The software has been designed to be very easy to operate. Should you still encounter any difficulties, our sales partners will be happy to assist you at any time.
You can customize the predefined frequencies and edit the program. This means that you can create you own, completely customized ChipCard without being bound to certain predefinitions.
Our sales partners are always available to help you and work with you should you have any problems.
We have compiled detailed instructions that will help you seamlessly navigate the software when you use it for the first time. This helps you avoid any potential problems with the operation of the software or your computer.

These instructions can be found here

Questions about the applications and the frequencies

First of all, we herewith state that the recommendations of the work group in no way represent a medical diagnosis or medical therapy. We reiterate again that you should always be in consultation and agreement with your physician or professional therapist. The work group has not heard of any cases in which a frequency therapy has led to truly negative results beyond a massive detoxification reaction.

Nonetheless, everything should be used sensibly and carefully and one should proceed with caution in instances of various diseases or conditions.

The answer is an unconditional yes. Just like children, animals in general react much better to this therapy than adults. This is also an interesting point that all those who oppose frequency applications always ignore, and instead point to the suggestive powers of the therapist as the true effect of the therapy. Depending on the size of the animal, the durations may need to be reduced. In general, animals seem to enjoy treatment. Many veterinarians and alternative health professionals for animals use these methods.

Many companies offer specialty electrodes or conductive materials for animals. Please contact your sales person for more information. It is a common observation by many therapists that animals instinctively feel that this treatment is good for them, and they stay still on the electrodes while the therapy is running. Often, animals sense when they have had enough on their own and then get up and want to leave. This generally correlates with the duration that the therapists have mentally calculated.

Basically, you can work with any standard frequency generator that can produce these frequencies. There are also users who use the frequencies as tones, and place the speakers onto the patients. These frequencies can also be produced with various musical instruments or with a monochord (sonometer).

If you are using an electric device, please make sure that it has the following features:

  • modulation (two frequencies can be generated simultaneously);
  • impulse discharge (the device turns itself on and off in short intervals)
  • combined with grounding (because the pathogens cannot adapt to an impulse);
  • and a wobble (sometimes also called sweep) meaning that it can cover a frequency range.

Especially the combination of wobbling with modulation and impulse discharge has proven to be the most effective.

Please make sure that the device you are buying has these functions. It is worth the money to spend an extra 50 Euros or Dollars and get a 4 to 5-fold effect. Many therapists of the work group like to use the Diamond Shield Zapper IE EMS as it has all these technical capabilities.

The list of frequencies is established in such a way that you can download and save the frequencies onto ChipCards, which, of course, need to be compatible with your device.

Feel free to experiment with electrode placement. Try several locations and patterns. Fundamentally, you should know that low frequencies, for example 3.6 hertz, are felt more strongly than high frequencies in the kilohertz or even megahertz range. This is because the current flows along the skin more superficially the higher the frequency. It is therefore recommended that you choose a slightly lower voltage with low frequencies and a slighter higher voltage with high frequencies.

Normally, wearing the metal armbands and letting the current do its work is totally sufficient. Some therapists in the work group prefer to use cylindrical electrodes that have to be gripped by hand. This approach has the advantage that reflex zones in the hand are flooded with frequencies, and the signals can be transmitted to all organs. Those who are technically inclined will argue that the current will take the shortest route, which is correct.

However, you must consider that many other effects are also taking place in the biological system, for example, it is known that acupuncture meridians have a lower skin resistance and that electrical information is transmitted along the meridians. This is the basis of harmonic oscillation therapy and the Crystal Zapper Program, which, emanating from the navel, automatically targets all points of the body.

Foot electrodes
For disorders below the navel, it is not incorrect to place the electrodes underneath your feet so that the current can flow over the lower abdomen. Make sure that the electrodes rest on a plastic insulation layer so that the current is not flowing into the floor (unless your floor is already insulated).

For instances such as pain therapy, or local symptoms, you can also use adhesive electrodes that are available for most devices, and that bring the information close to the affected area.

There is a very good method, developed by naturopath Baklayan, in which the conductive electrode is pressed onto the trigger points, enabling the current to flow over the trigger point. This has proven extremely effective in some cases.

We have heard from patients who, for example, took the drastic step of placing the electrode directly onto the herpes blister. This can be highly effective in some cases. Make sure that the intensity is not too high.

Incidentally, it is not necessarily required that the intensity be very high. While therapists have different opinions on this subject, it is not necessarily the case that “more helps more”.

The intensity should not be increased to a level where painful tingling occurs. On the contrary, such high levels may potentially hinder the effect of the therapy. Make sure that the intensity remains well below the tingling level.

The intensities indicated in this manual/online library are relatively ideal and are mostly in the micro-current range. But you can increase the voltage on the device on an experimental basis.

Of course, it is very practical to have a device with an automatic intensity adapter that measures amps and ensures that the specific intensity you have set is maintained.

This innovative technology is very useful since the skin gradually dries out, particularly with longer current applications, and this increases its resistance. With regular frequency generators, a setting of 4 to 5 volts is effectively reduced to a flow of 1 volt after 20 to 30 minutes of application. Various manufacturers recommend that the electrodes should be re-moistened, which is, of course, tedious.

The wobble feature (sometime also called sweep) means that the device can go automatically between two certain frequencies, for example between 10 to 20 hertz. Capturing an entire frequency range is very useful to cover all stages (eggs, larvae) of a pathogen that can emit various frequencies depending on its stage of life. The wobble feature is also helpful in reaching the various developmental stages of parasites, which can most certainly oscillate at different frequencies, and in preventing that pathogens adapt to a frequency.

In harmonic frequency therapy, it is very important that the wobbling is only one sided, meaning that it always goes from a lower to a higher frequency so that the energy is not moved back and forth, but always in the desired (improving) direction.

Impulse means that the device shuts itself on and off in extremely short intervals of a fraction of a second. This has two benefits. First, pathogens cannot adapt to a frequency when there is an impulse. Secondly, in that brief timeframe, the grounding can be effective.
There are no reports of harm due to frequencies. In part, this is because bacteria have a different charge in their membranes as human cells. Human cells are thus unharmed or untouched, even if it is a frequency that corresponds to the cell.

The work group has reports from patients who underwent frequency therapy sessions that were much too long — more than several hours, without grounding themselves or paying attention to their detoxification pathways. These patients then suffered from the toxic end products, symptoms similar to those of a Herxheimer reaction. When these patients additionally have weakened excretory organs, it is not very easy to get them back into regulation. Therefore, as long as you use a device that is grounded, are careful with the durations of the applications, and pay attention to your reactions, the applications, except for the detoxification reactions, are very safe.

As mentioned previously on several occasions, autoimmune disorders can cause a counter reaction in some cases. This is due to obvious reasons since frequency therapy improves, activates, and regulates the immune system. If you suffer from an autoimmune disorder, it means that your immune system is attacking your own body. Thus, if a strengthened immune system attacks the body, negative reactions can happen. However, this occurs only very rarely, and only with excessive applications.

In the work group, we suspect that this is potentially possible. It is therefore important to always use a Zapper with a wobble function (also called sweep) so the frequency range can be broadened. For example, the Diamond Shield Professional can be easily programmed by entering a few hertz before and after the frequency so that the pathogens cannot adapt to one frequency. It is also difficult for pathogens to adapt to modulation and impulse discharge.
This is a good question, but it can be answered easily with logical reasoning. Firstly, it is very difficult for the current to reach deeply embedded pathogens (whether they are bacteria or parasites). Remember that your body consists of various fluids and densities. Compare your body to an ocean. Imagine that you are applying an impulse to its surface to a certain depth and that the impulse becomes weaker as it goes deeper.

Secondly, pathogens multiply incredibly fast in acute conditions (infections). We know that one fungus of Candida can turn into 10,000 within two hours after the consumption of sugar. This gives you an idea of how quickly these pathogens can recover. In the opinion of the work group, the actual effect is a dulling of the pathogens. Once the metabolism and vitality of the pathogens are hampered in this manner, they can be attacked by the body’s immune system and regulatory mechanisms. This is why every treatment goes one layer deeper.

Stay consistent.

Fundamentally, you are exposed to frequencies all day long. Not just music, if you play an instrument, but all the electromagnetic impulses from cell phones, TVs, radios, etc. Here, no one consults with a therapist beforehand. This should clarify how harmless experimentation with frequencies is. If you are suffering from a serious illness and require systematic therapy, we want to reiterate our recommendation to consult a therapist who can diagnose your condition and track your progress. This method is not a substitute for a physician or therapist and is not a scientifically-recognized form of therapy.

But you should not wait to feel the blessing of this application on your own body. With the Zapper, downloading frequencies, playing them back, and improving your condition can be done in a snap.

Getting a frequency generator or speaker and starting these experiments is child’s play for anyone who has just a minimum of technical understanding. But even for those who are not technically inclined, the zappers on the market today are so easy to use that they are much less complicated than your cell phone, or even your most basic computer program. The menu and keys are clearly organized. However, we recommend that you use a company that guarantees customer service.
The work group recommends that you consider the following. The device should feature a wobble function, an impulse discharge, grounding, continuous voltage reading, and, if possible, one-directional wobbling. Having a modulation function and the capability of modulating and wobbling simultaneously is very important.

The device should be able to read compatible ChipCards and provide customer service and support. As to the rest, price is another decisive factor. Based on our current knowledge, such devices generally cost just over 300 Euros (as of 2016). Devices with a numeric keypad for therapists or users who wish to experiment on their own cost approx. 700 Euros.

Absolutely. Frequency therapists are of the opinion that anything that can help your body – whether herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture, or another regulation therapy – can be used as an additional application.
During application, people report a broad array of sensations: pressure, pulsing, itching, a kind of restlessness, heat, oscillations, and even some pain. Some users immediately feel more relaxed, others more energized and vitalized, and some do not notice anything.

But the real question is what happens after the treatment. How the body reacts depends on many factors. How you feel first depends on how many toxins are in your system and how constipated you are, and secondly on what types of symptoms were just treated. Thirdly, how sensitive you are to frequencies, in other words, how your body reacts to the dying of the pathogens. Fourthly, whether the pathogens were destroyed by the frequencies or whether they were only inactivated, and fifthly, your overall health status which is influenced by your lifestyle, nutrition, and external factors that are working against you, such as electrosmog.

Harmonic frequency therapy (HEAL) is mainly about regulation. There, reactions are less dramatic and more balancing.

Supposing that you have found the right frequency, you should feel a difference after the first application. The reactions should appear up to one day later. In general, it is said that if you do not feel any type of reaction 6 hours after a treatment, the right frequency has not been selected.

But be careful, everyone is different and sometimes the reactions are a bit delayed. Very often, people feel changes within the first 10 minutes of their initial application. As we said before, everyone is different and the responses by the body will be different as well. Maybe you will feel better, lighter, clearer in your mind, less constipated, less pain, or sometimes, even all symptoms disappear.

You may also feel worse, depending on how many pathogens are destroyed. In medicine, symptoms that are caused by the dying of pathogens are referred to as Herxheimer Syndrome. These symptoms may be very similar to those of your disorder: fatigue, muscle or joint pain, stuffy nose, various swelling, mild nausea, sometimes even cramping, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, skin problems, mood changes, irritation, and other signs that many toxins have reached your bloodstream. Your urine may also turn darker or lighter. This means that the micro-organisms have been eliminated in large numbers and are now being channeled out and expelled. Some may suddenly find excreted parasites (worms) in their stool.

But again – every individual is different. A mid-grade detoxification generally causes a certain degree of listlessness, inertia, maybe a mild headache, and perhaps even the recurrence of former abscesses, which means that many toxins are eliminated through your skin.

You should know that all these reactions are signs that your body is in the process of getting rid of these toxins, and not a symptoms of disease. Generally, all these symptoms can be alleviated or even completely avoided by drinking copious amounts of high-ohmic, purified water, at least 2 to 3 liters. If your lifestyle includes extreme stress and a diet rich in sugar, water alone will not be able to alleviate all your symptoms. In this case you should try to improve your lifestyle.

If you have a lot of pathogens in you body, then the chance that you will feel somewhat worse in the short term is relatively high. But your symptoms should improve after a few hours or days, and you will immediately sense that something happened. You will feel better with each subsequent application. But you should always proceed sensibly and with caution. Should you experience a stronger reaction, you should wait 1 to 3 days until your reaction has completely cleared before you execute the next application. We also recommend that you shorten the duration of your next application, for example, by cutting each program 1 minute short.

Furthermore, you should start out with short durations that you increase gradually if you have a history of viral infections such as Epstein Barr, chronic candidiasis, or borreliosis, or your kidneys and liver are weak due to prior illness. There are no contraindications if you use a sensible approach.

Detoxification, fever, coughing, even diarrhea, vomiting and other reactions are efforts by the body to heal itself and to rid itself of the pathogens with which it has been infected. From this perspective, our feeling ill is a result of these detoxification processes having been interrupted at some point in time, and it is completely normal to reactive these processes through frequency applications, stimulation of excretory pathways, and the dying off of pathogens – but of course, in a milder form. That is why the answer is: yes, it is advantageous when the detoxification reactions for specific toxins or generalized infections like Candida are reactivated.
This depends on the stamina of each individual and the severity of the disease. I can undergo two, two-hour treatments per day and even longer with a serious illness, but you should start with shorter durations.

For many, just 10 minutes are enough to start feeling better. When the immune system has then been strengthened, the durations can be gradually increased. Bear in mind that it makes sense to increase the durations as soon as you start feeling better so that your immune system can remove the remaining pathogens and toxins.

When using harmonic frequencies, the entire application should be run. This is a frequency acupuncture that works within the micro current range, under 1 volt, and aims for a general regulatory effect.

The minutes indicated in the table are average durations and these should be used. If you experience a strong reaction, you can reduce the duration to just 1 minute or even 30 seconds. When you improve, the durations can be increased rapidly, up to 8 minutes per frequency (or more).

The reason is that cartilage tissue in the joints has a slower metabolism and less blood circulation. If an application creates a lot of toxins, what may happen is that exactly these toxins get stuck in the joints and it then takes a bit longer to break them down. This simply means that the detoxification pathways are not yet strong enough or active enough. Individuals prone to constipation traditionally develop these kinds of symptoms. In this case, you should

  • clear the detoxification pathways,
  • use a detox ChipCard to activate the liver, intestines, and kidneys,
  • drink a lot
  • and read the corresponding literature to regulate your digestive tract.


Preparations such as Mannayan Clean+, Colo+, Flor+, PABA+, VegiManna and Cascara Sagrada may be helpful in restoring daily bowel movements.

Most therapists of the work group recommend that you continue the frequency applications for an additional 2 to 4 months after all symptoms have cleared. Especially when dealing with severe infections such as borreliosis or other pathogens, since remnants of bacteria may persist, colonies may be deeply embedded, and eggs from parasites may still hatch. Otherwise, what generally happens is that the symptoms gradually resurface. You are then disappointed with this therapy method even though the therapy failed not on account of the method, but the short timeframe in which it was applied.
Since the body is busy with digestion then, it is better not to demand any other work from it at that point in time.
This is variable. There are regulatory frequencies, such as the wellbeing and relaxation programs of the Diamond Shield Zapper, with micro currents that relax on a very deep level and can actually help you fall asleep.

The Crystal Zapper Program, designed for balancing, may also help you relax.

However, the frequency applications may have a stimulating effect on some people, especially when many frequencies are used simultaneously to destroy various pathogens. Following an application, the detoxification processes start to set in and it is, of course, somewhat disadvantageous when you have to drink a lot of fluid and then get up several times in the night to use the bathroom.

Because you are dealing in part with micro currents and are activating detoxification, it is best if you remove jewelry or other metals prior to undergoing an application. However, not removing them will not cause any type of application blockage. But the frequencies work more optimally without.
Firstly, you should check to see if your frequency generator is working correctly. Make sure all electrodes are connected properly, and that the cables are intact and connected correctly. You will be surprised how often this can occur with different devices.

After you have determined that your device is functioning correctly, it may be that the frequencies you used are not the right ones. Contact a therapist from the work group TREF and Bioresonance to see which frequencies he or she would recommend.

Other factors may be that the pathogens have slightly changed their frequencies, which may be influenced by the season, latitude, the age of the pathogen, or its strain. Just like people, pathogens may have varying degrees of vitality, and therefore oscillate a little differently. The simple solution is to activate the wobble function on your frequency generator (this feature may also be called sweep and it means that you are covering a range between a lower and higher frequency).

Please use a device that can modulate. It is very difficult for a pathogen to adapt to two frequencies that are in a harmonic relationship and delivered simultaneously.

Thirdly, please use a device that has an impulse discharge function, meaning that the device is constantly pulsating. This is something that pathogens cannot get accustomed to.

Lastly, your device should have constant voltage metering. Otherwise, it may happen that your application begins with 5 volts, but only a 1-volt current is flowing after 10 minutes due to the increased dryness of your skin. All these tricks can reduce the effectiveness of your application.

Last but not least, you can select a specific frequency on a trial basis and apply it for a long time. There are people who try out a particular frequency for up to 45 minutes to see what the effect might be.

Please remember to consult a therapist in all difficult cases and that this method is not be be construed as a substitute for a real diagnosis and care of a therapist.

Bear in mind that in harmonic frequency application, the hertz range is determined to the second decimal place. The device should be accurate to two decimal places. Some Rife frequencies are indicated with three decimal places.
The difference is that if the goal is to destroy pathogens, usually more aggressive waves such as positive offset with residual voltage are used. With frequencies for organ support, normal square waves are applied. In order to activate certain acupuncture points, systems, or meridians with energy, frequencies with less intensity (voltage) are used.

Special circumstances

First of all, no studies or examinations have been conducted to determine whether or not frequency therapy is harmful for individuals with a pacemaker. It is a fact that today’s pacemakers are manufactured in such as way that even electric shocks from an outlet do not damage the pacemaker. However, you should proceed with extreme caution nonetheless. In our work group, we have received reports from patients who were cautious, but then decided to go ahead with the technology at their own risk. No negative effects were reported.

The same goes for conductive disorders of the heart. Of course, you should proceed cautiously and with shorter durations as the conductive system of the heart is sensitive to heart palpitations, a racing pulse, or other arrhythmias. If the frequency therapy triggers massive detoxification reactions, caused by the dying bacteria and fungi that release their neurotoxins into the blood, there is additional burden on the nervous system until the detoxification organs have eliminated everything. A cautious approach is recommended here.

It also depends on which frequency generator you use and up to what intensity (voltage) you wish to go. Standard zappers and the Diamond Shield Zapper, which many therapists of the work group like to use, go up to 16 volts and no negative effects have been noted. With any frequency generator that you buy, we recommend that you not exceed an intensity whereby you feel a light tingling on your skin. If you feel tingling on your skin, reduce the intensity until the tingling sensation is gone. We cannot preclude that nothing negative will occur if you handle your frequency generator, purchased on the open market, recklessly and enter low frequencies with an extremely high intensity.

Another problem is that some individuals are allergic to the material the electrodes are made of. In rare cases, this can lead to an allergic reaction. The electrodes should be free of nickel, you may want to double check with the manufacturer. Metal electrodes with good conductivity are best.

It is important to know that cloth electrodes that have to be constantly moistened cause a certain electrolysis on your skin and as a result, as observed by spectrographic analysis, are full of heavy metals after 6 months of use.

We have also experience that patients with extremely sensitive skin have increased the intensity too much, fell asleep, and had their skin look as though they had suffered a mild burn or sunburn the next day. However, the skin healed normally.

You should also use caution in the event of pregnancy. The mother nourishes the child and everything generated in the bloodstream of the mother is passed on to the child.

In the circles of bioenergetic testing, it is known that the mother detoxes a great deal with the first child (up to 70%). Therefore, it is obvious that overly-long therapy sessions with great destruction of pathogens that also release their toxins into the bloodstream can ultimately stress the child as well. We want to note however, that we are speaking theoretically here. We have not experienced or seen such a case.

However, we have often experienced that women who did not know they were pregnant have used these technologies and applications. The impression was that a healthier mother who has few micro-organisms, an improved inner environment, and improved blood circulation always had a positive effect on the child as well as the birthing process. Please be sure to proceed carefully and sensibly and observe your reactions.

If you are nursing, the same as above applies. It is known that any chemical substances ingested by mothers who are nursing can pass onto and affect the child through breast milk. The same principle applies here – with therapies that are too intense, the toxins could theoretically be passed onto the child through the breast milk.
If you have had an organ transplant, it may be best to forgo self-experimentation altogether because in this instance, the immune system must be constantly suppressed as not to reject the transplanted organ. Since the frequencies stimulate the immune system, improve bodily function, and strengthen defense mechanisms, there is a risk of a counter reaction. In cases of severe autoimmune disease and organ transplant, we therefore recommend that you are under close observation of a therapist who can perform bioenergetic testing and work only with the minimum doses.
With extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic fields or even an allergy to electricity (while rare, it does exist), carrying out frequency application is probably not possible. In these instances it may be better to refer to means such as tone and color therapy. However, the work group has found that even these patients can tolerate micro currents. It is therefore important to buy a device that has the capability of working in the micro current range (under 1 volt).
In the event your therapist considers your regulation and detoxification system to be very weak, it would be advisable to take liver, kidney, and bowel detoxification preparations. Please read about this topic in the relevant literature, for example, the book “Gentle Healing with Harmonic Oscillations” by A. E. Baklayan.

Kidney problems that point to excretory disorders or an electrolyte imbalance, constipation that tells you your intestines are not sufficiently cleansed, and lymph blockages that indicate that the lymph system is not functioning properly, etc. – all these signs give you feedback that the system is overburdened if you use the Rife/Clark frequencies too much. Therefore, as a preventative measure, you should always take a plant-based detoxification substance or apply the harmonic frequencies by Baklayan (HEAL library), since these are more focused on establishing regulation.

Fundamentally, children respond well to resonance and frequency therapies, even better than adults. This is because adults have been around longer and have more toxins and medications in their systems. Nonetheless, you should take the weight difference of a child or toddler into consideration. The therapy durations should be halved or cut into a third, which should generally be sufficient. As for the rest, the same rules apply: the excretory pathways should be as clear as possible, and the child should drink more fluids during treatment. You will discover that children require fewer therapy sessions than adults to achieve the same results.

If the child is suffering from a harmless cold or a childhood disease, you should generally let the disease run its course. Similarly, a low-grade fever that burns the waste materials in the body is so intended by nature and should not necessarily be immediately suppressed. The immune system thereby learns how to deal with pathogens, how to develop the requisite antibodies, and this process should not be prevented.

That this questions the rational and irrational use of excessive vaccinations is absolutely clear. It is the experience of many older therapists that in the last twenty years, since the number of vaccinations for infants grew from 3 – 6 to 30 – 33, the frequency of allergies, autoimmune diseases, neurodermatitis, asthma, and hyperactive children has increased drastically. The connection between the two is written on the wall, but, of course, it is completely denied and ignored. These older practicing therapists have also observed that the occurrence of viral pathogens such as herpes, Epstein Barr, mononucleosis, and other infections has significantly increased statistically. A long (frustrating) discussion would be necessary here, so we refer you to the relevant literature.

With regard to the number of applications and duration, we reiterate that children tolerate the therapy very well and respond quickly. If you want to be absolutely sure, we suggest that you consult with a therapist who performs bioenergetic testing and can test which number of applications and duration would be best. For infants, applying every frequency for one minute would be sufficient.

There are very dubious offers for devices that do not provide any of the features we have discussed, do not have a numeric keypad, and yet still cost 1,200 or even 2,000 Euros because they supposedly have a cosmic or universal effect with their only three frequencies. The work group expressly warns you about these types of offers.

Such beneficial effects can also be achieved with three carefully-selected frequencies from the online library/manual. Here you have the opportunity to change the frequencies at any time should they not be effective, or your body has become accustomed to them.

Even the most simple Zapper, available for 60 Euros, that can only read one frequency, for example, by Dr. Clark, can achieve beneficial effects. With three frequencies the results will be a little better, but not much more. With prices such as 1,200 Euros and up, the customer is taken for a ride.

The work group can report many cases in which frequencies for detoxification (for example the Detox ChipCard) were used after and even during chemotherapy. In general, all patients report that they can tolerate the chemotherapy better than before and/or that the applications help them recover from the side effects following chemotherapy. We can strongly recommend the use of the detox ChipCard which contains the frequencies for all detoxification organs such as intestines, lymphatic system, liver, and kidneys.

Questions about the researchers and developers.

Dr. Hulda Clark (1928-2009) studied biology and earned her Ph.D. in Physiology – subsequently she dedicated her time to work and research in the field of naturopathy. Today, she is best known for her book “Healing is possible” and the Clark Zapper.
She was a pioneer in frequency research and provided the basis for many later zapper models, including the Diamond Shield Zapper.

After Dr. Clark opened her naturopathic practice, she spent most of her time on cancer research and therapy, authoring six books on the subject. According to Clark therapy, there are only two causes for chronic diseases: the parasite Fasciolopsis buski and environmental toxins.

She made the instructions for building the Clark Zapper available to everyone in her book so that it could be replicated in its simplest form by readers themselves.

Through countless hours of research and work, this zapper was further developed, expanded, and improved so that a good zapper model today has many more options and features built in.

Frequency therapy is based on the discoveries of Dr. Royal Rife (1888 – 1971) and Dr. Hulda Clark.
Dr. Rife was actually the inventor of optical microscopes, but he clearly left his mark on the field of alternative medicine.

Rife discovered that diseases could be healed by frequencies that are based on their own electromagnetic signature. He invented and developed the necessary technology to do so himself.

Even today, the Rife frequencies developed at that time are still used in many frequency devices and in frequency therapy.

While Dr. Rife and Dr. Clark provided the groundwork, naturopath, developer, and author Alan E. Baklayan was able to achieve incredible breakthroughs in the field of frequency therapy and bioresonance through time-consuming research and many years of development.

Today’s version of the Diamond Shield Zapper, which is considered to be revolutionary in this field and offers a broad array of user options and functions, is based on the Clark Zapper. The Diamond Shield Zapper not only contains all Clark, Rife, and Baklayan frequencies, but also new features such as micro currents, grounding, impulse discharge, wobble, continuous voltage adjustment, and many, many more.

Other works by Alan E. Baklayan include the tri-dimensional frequency device, TRIKOMBIN, impulse discharge therapy, Golden Stream, and several books in the field of alternative medicine, such as “Gentle therapy with harmonic frequencies” and “Gentle self healing”. You can find additional information on his website at: www.baklayan.de

Harmonic oscillation theory is based on the core ideas of Pythagoras and the study of harmonics.

Naturopath Baklayan was convinced that the meridian system of the body is associated or compatible with the interval table – – which he aims to prove with 20 years of research.
The breakthrough came with the determination of the meridian base frequencies. This was the genesis for the 24 frequencies of the Diamond Shield Program.

“Gentle therapy with biofrequencies” is a free ebook by naturopath Alan E. Baklayan that explains the simple and effective treatment with Diamond Shield ChipCards. The ChipCards are listed as well as their effect and application.

You can read the book online for free here: Gentle therapy with biofrequencies