Technical requirements

Now we have come to the really important criteria that the frequency generator should meet.

Automatic Voltage Adjustment

The device should have an automatic voltage adjustment so that the voltage used remains constant and does not vary. That means that the voltage adjusts to the changing skin resistance so that the amps stay constant.


Wobbling should be possible. Some devices refer to this feature as Sweep. This means that the device automatically goes back and forth between a lower and a higher frequency. This is very important in covering certain frequencies, especially when treating parasites. In the table of the Clark frequencies, a wobble duration of 16 seconds is recommended.


The device should definitely have grounding and/or you should be grounded during therapy. Naturopath Baklayan has discovered that during very long frequency applications, the electricity can produce radicals that cannot be generated when one is grounded. Grounding is very important, do not skip this element.

Square Wave

The device should be able to generate a clean square wave as well as a secure positive offset, meaning that the zero line is not touched. This is also very effective when fighting pathogens.


The device should be able to modulate, meaning that two frequencies are running simultaneously. This is highly advantageous as modulation achieves a significantly deeper effect in the body and also reduces the chances of the pathogens adapting to the frequencies. Make sure your device has a modulation function and that a modulation factor of at least 128 is possible.

Impulse Discharge

The device should have the capability of generating an impulse discharge, meaning that the device shuts off to a beat of a microsecond. This is very important for a variety of reasons. First, so that the electric loads go into the ground. Secondly, many researchers have found that bacteria and parasites can adapt and get used to the electricity over time. However, if the discharge impulse is used at the same time, they cannot adapt and this increases effectiveness.


Make sure that the device can work with intensities in the microcurrent range (under 1 volt). The device should be accurate to two decimal places.

Our recommendation

Naturopath Baklayan, who has developed the harmonic frequencies and the Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Frequency Library (HEAL) that is presented here, uses the Diamond Shield Zapper for his research as this device meets all the requirements. We want to note, however, that any other device that has these features can also be used.

The Diamond Shield comes in a simple version for end users that plays back ready-made programs and combinations via a ChipCard, or in a professional version, the Diamond Shield Professional, that additionally features a numeric keypad with which any frequency or customized parameter can be entered. The professional version also has the capability to write ChipCards.