About the frequency applications

Information for a frequency application

After you have programmed the frequencies into your device, or have downloaded and saved them onto your compatible ChipCard and have put it into the Zapper, simply start the program.

The frequencies will be effective. The information provided here may be helpful in further optimizing the application.

First, frequency applications should not necessarily be executed on a full stomach because the body requires all of its energy for digestion, and the frequency application also needs energy from the body.

Secondly, just prior to and immediately after application, you should drink high-ohmic water low in electrolytes.

Thirdly, all metal objects such as jewelry or watches should be removed.

If possible, do not engage in stressful activity during application. Resting and giving your body time to heal is optimal.

With the exception of the wellbeing, relaxation, and regeneration programs, it is recommended that you do not execute a long application after dinner. The detoxification reactions can stimulate and stir up your body and then not allow you to get the sleep that you need.

Frequency/number of applications

How many frequencies are required, their duration, and how often they should be repeated – daily or weekly – depends in large part on how quickly your body can conquer the detoxification reactions and cleanse all the dead organisms. Here, a therapist who conducts bioenergetic testing may be of particular help by testing your specific bodily situation. Here are a few general suggestions and guidelines:

Do not undergo more than two applications per day. These should not exceed 2 hours each in duration and you should have a 4 to 5 hour break between sessions.

The duration of each frequency is automatically set and/or indicated in the table when you download it. However, you can also increase the duration of individual frequencies. If you have a device with a numeric keypad, for example the Diamond Shield Professional, you can simply enter a longer duration for the frequencies.

The rule of thumb is very simple: if you feel worse following an extended session, it means that your body is not able to handle the detoxification reactions caused by the dying pathogens. We recommend that you wait until you feel better before executing the next application.

The frequencies are effective within you for a total of four days following application. It is therefore not necessary to torture yourself. Two applications per week sometimes produce better results than rushing the process and performing two applications per day.

It is also possible that you may not feel anything. This indicates that your body can handle what is happening. In this case, you could slowly increase the duration, intensity, and number of applications.

In many instances, you start feeling better right after an application or even during the application itself. For example, your sinuses may clear, your lungs are no longer tight from an asthmatic episode, or your pain diminishes. This indicates that you are tolerating applications well and can increase their number or duration.


You should not execute more than two applications per day and these should be no longer than 2 hours each in duration. Take a break of at least 4 to 5 hours between applications.

However, we also want to issue a warning that a cumulative effect can occur. It is as if you are tossing trash into the garbage disposal. You put in a certain amount and the garbage disposal can handle it well and your apartment starts to smell less. Then you could, of course, add the next load and then another. However, if this process is done too quickly, there is a cumulative effect, meaning that somewhere in the garbage disposal, things begin to accumulate unnoticed. In this case, this scenario corresponds to our overall detoxification pathways and mechanism – suddenly you are constipated and experience unpleasant reactions. We therefore recommend increasing only very gradually.

Through many reports from patients with serious illnesses such as cancer, we have learned that they undergo treatment up to five hours a day, thus two 2.5 hour applications. Any reactions that occur as a result of these treatment sessions are accepted. Previously, these applications were difficult to tolerate. However, the devices now feature an impulse discharge, which is a discharge into the ground combined with an impulse. Through this function, the device turns itself on and off in very short intervals and patients are able to undergo long application sessions without provoking severe reactions. Without discharge into the ground, we do not recommend these types of mega applications.

Warning: the grounding should truly occur via the ground. Either the device is correctly grounded or the patient is sitting barefooted in the garden or on the beach on the ground. There are companies that insist that their devices are grounded into the air via a coil technology. This is a very odd, esoteric understanding of grounding (already the terms grounding and air contradict one another). We want to warn you that in this instance, radicals have no chance to flow out and a deterioration is thus pre-programmed.

If you require many frequencies because you have a great number of symptoms and need a variety of different combinations, we recommend you establish a weekly program in which you alternate using one or two different ChipCards every day. As mentioned earlier, the body stores the frequencies and they remain effective for four days (including the day of application).

It has been proven effective to allow the frequencies to work and do something different the next day. For example, you could use a detox ChipCard one day for detoxification, kill parasites the next day, execute an immune system stimulation the third day, rid yourself of aspergillus the fourth day, and execute another detoxification on the fifth day. Based on experience, this approach is highly effective.

Timeframe of application

Many people experience rapid improvement with this technology. We expressly recommend that you continue to carry out the applications over a period 4 to 6 months even if you start feeling a lot better. Generally, there are still remnants of bacteria, colonies may be deeply embedded, and eggs of parasites may still hatch. Otherwise, what happens in most cases, is that the symptoms slowly resurface and you are then disappointed with this therapy method. However, the therapy will have failed not on account of the method, but on account of the short duration in which it was applied.

Don’t become discouraged if you do not notice any changes in the first few weeks. When there are reactions, these indicate that the body is fighting the stresses.

If you do not feel anything, it means that you need different frequencies.

Some experience changes just after a few days. Carry on – most patients ultimately see significant improvements after one month. Of course, it is important that you follow the rules of drinking and detoxification – or all effort may be for naught.

Another option: Harmonic frequency application

If you have been using the Rife/Clark frequencies for a long period of time and you have the impression that you are not improving beyond a certain degree, it may prove beneficial to refer back to the indications in the HEAL library. The HEAL library focuses on triggering the regulation of various acupuncture points, i.e., acupuncture without needles.

Weaknesses or blockages in the meridians or organs are often brought back into regulation with this process so that the body’s energy distribution is newly aligned, which results in an improved starting position to restore the body’s inner environment. Don’t hesitate to try a different program for a corresponding indication.

To give a concrete example: if your lymph system is in constant turmoil due to various pathogens and viruses, this may also be due to problems with your spleen. Using acupuncture with frequencies (HEAL) can strengthen the spleen which, in turn, helps the lymph system that is currently overwhelmed with fighting viruses.

If too many parasites are in the liver and things there are at a standstill, it may be that first the blocked energy of the liver must be treated to increase its detoxification capabilities before the parasites can be targeted again.