The benefits of the online library

No side effects

This technology can really reduce suffering and even save lives. This work group is dedicated to this research and can report on thousands of therapists and patients who treat with frequency therapy or have been treated with frequency therapy, and have done so with great success. One interesting aspect of this technology is that even when there is no success, there or no side effects since, as stated previously, this is neither an invasive or allopathic (toxic/chemical) method.

The entire approach is based on a resonance phenomenon – if no resonance takes place, nothing happens.

It is as if a soprano sings the high C and the glass shatters – this phenomenon only occurs when the natural frequency is struck precisely. The soprano can sing her arias all day, as long as no resonance occurs, the glasses in the house are safe.

Activating regulation mechanisms

We want to reiterate here that those who wish to not just conquer a disease, but also achieve stable health have to commit to their endeavor and eventually change their poor nutritional or drinking habits, remove blockages, and restore their inner environment so that these micro-organisms cannot return.

Last but not least, many therapists believe that today’s lack of vital substances is so great that replacement with high-grade, organic nutritional supplements is a must in order to stay healthy long term. Here we refer you to the appropriate chapters and suggestions that deal with this topic. Of course, there is a lot of other extensive literature on the subject.

Moreover, you have to move away from the mentality and upbringing that you can take a pill for every little symptom and not have to worry about the consequences. This results in a displacement or suppression of the symptoms and thereby a false sense of security. When therapists ask newly-admitted patients how they are feeling, they often get the answer that they are doing fine. Only after extensive questioning do they discover that “feeling fine” really refers to “being well-adjusted” and that the patient takes five to fifteen pills a day to “feel fine”. This is reminiscent of the person who is falling from a 20-story building and says to the people on the balcony” “what’s the matter, everything is going just fine?“v

The medicine of the future

In conclusion, we want to say that we are convinced that the methods of frequency therapy will be the medicine of the future, despite the huge resistance by the pharmaceutical and university medical establishment.

Ultimately, people will become aware that medicine is not about managing disease, as is the case with today’s health system, but about regaining one’s health.

Pharmaceutical products are not designed to, nor are they capable of restoring one’s health.

What you should consider

Process control

Of course, this research work and self treatment should in no way replace a diagnosis by a competent physician or therapist. We are of the opinion that as part of your targeted effort in self help, you should look up the clinical diagnoses in the index and/or filter them via the search option in the database, and use the corresponding frequencies as a complementary measure while you are under the care and in consultation with a physician. In this manner, through lab findings and other clinical measures, the progress of your therapy can be tracked and documented.

Ideally, of course, you find a therapist who conducts bio-energy testing and tests for the appropriate pathogens or deficiencies with methods such as electro-acupuncture, biotensor, pulse diagnosis, or kinesiology and can check the progress of your therapy.

Required paradigm shift

We want to point out that we need these technologies more than ever because the number of deadly, degenerative, and autoimmune diseases is constantly rising. We are consistently rattled by bad news that there is an increasing number of bacterial strains that are completely resistant to antibiotics. As you know, antibacterial resistance has several reasons ranging from the indiscriminate prescription of antibiotics for even the mildest colds starting in childhood, to standardized administration of antibiotics in livestock. The result is that these antibiotics are constantly in our bodies and the bacteria has developed resistance to them over time. With frequencies, these resistances are hardly possible. Even if a pathogen could build a certain tenacity against a specific frequency, you could easily strike the pathogen again with just a small adjustment in the frequency and it would not have time to adapt to the change.

What should also be considered

In many cases, when patients diligently execute this application, the so-called onion layer effect occurs: certain acute symptoms vanish, older ones that have been forgotten flare up and then disappear, then even older symptoms reappear, etc. This shows that the body is cleansing itself from the outside to the inside and that the disease-causing micro-organisms are killed in layers.
It is good to have the diagnosis of a competent therapist and to also have results from lab tests so that progress can be observed. Application of the frequencies is not a determination of a diagnosis or therapy in the classical sense. It effects a regulation that one wishes to restore. We want to point out again that frequency application does not replace the diagnosis and therapy of a physician. But it can cleanse your body to such a degree that, in consultation with your doctor, you can quit certain medications like hundreds of patients have already done.

The cleansing and regulation conducted here are very strong. Nonetheless, we want to note again that the layman is not in a position to determine a diagnosis on his or her own. With severe symptoms, the diagnosis of a competent therapist should in no way be replaced. If you do not notice improvement in a short period of time, it is recommended that you undergo testing and a check-up.

After you have completed your list, look up the indications and save the corresponding groups on the respective ChipCards so that you can use them on a regular basis. It is advantageous to take the indicated settings from the list. These reflect the experience of many therapists. Of course, if you have a competent therapist who performs bio-energy testing, these can be customized.

If you are not using a compatible device but a standard frequency generator, make sure that it can execute all the settings indicated in the table and that you adopt these correctly.

If the diagnosis you have received from your physician about the pathogens is correct but you are not achieving the expected results, it may be that the pathogens have slightly changed their frequencies. First, make sure that all pathogens that are associated with your symptoms are being treated. Secondly, if you have a device with a 10-key pad, you can set a wobble (also called a sweep) for these pathogens. This means that, for example, when the frequency is 880 Hz, the frequency is set to cover a range from 878 to 882 Hz, thus 1 to 2 hertz below and above.

This should be combined with a modulation of 128. In the table, the usual frequencies are first recommended without modulation. Sometimes the breakthrough is only achieved with the modulation and the impulse, i.e., when the device pulses – this is the strongest application form of this device. Several frequency generators and the zappers have this impulse feature, which is highly advantageous.

The ChipCards by Dr. Clark and naturopath Baklayan available for purchase or downloading are already programmed with the frequency wobble and modulation.

It is also important to double check the grounding. In many countries or older homes, the ground wire in the outlet is not connected correctly. Before using the device, you should check the outlet. Order an outlet tester either through an electrician or another company that deals with this type of problem when you order your zapper. All you have to do is plug in the tester and it will tell you immediately if the outlet is grounded correctly. This is a very important point – please do not forget about it.
For applications using micro currents – under 1 volt – grounding is not quite as important, as micro currents do not produce as many radicals as programs executed with a higher intensity/voltage.

It is possible to carry out harmonic frequencies on the go. Simply strap your zapper to your body and undergo therapy. There are companies that offer specialty belts that can be worn in the lower abdominal area and that allow the electrodes to have automatic contact with the skin. This makes sense if you want to stay mobile.

One more time: for micro currents this is ok, although in general, grounding is more optimal. This means that if you are at home and have the opportunity for grounding, we always recommend that you do so.

Another point that you may wish to consider is that frequencies may be somewhat less effective during the last phase of the waxing moon. This is simply because all detoxification processes tend to move slower during a waxing moon as the bodily fluids are more likely to increase, and thus the toxins may also potentially accumulate more in the body.
Don’t get confused if you receive a diagnosis such as fibromyalgia, ulcers, or hereditary conditions. Remember that an incredible number of diseases and symptoms can be caused by chemical products, environmental toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, food additives, contaminated water, or cosmetics. This means that a detoxification process is crucial.

These chemical substances can completely block metabolism all the way into the intracellular space. According to the opinion of many researchers, including naturopath Baklayan, this is always the case and the inner bodily environment must also be consistently tested and treated.

This is the reason why it is important to see a professional therapist in the event of a serious illness, so that these stresses are tested and channeled out. What is warranted here is mitochondrial metabolic regulation, meaning a large amount of nutritional supplements important for the detoxification processes, in the form of high doses of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, prebiotics and probiotics.

We refer you here to the extensive literature, for example the presentation by naturopath Baklayan about mitochondrial stresses.

An organic diet specifically low in carbohydrates can have many positive effects that should not be underestimated, and it should be followed consistently. Otherwise, you should consult with a therapist about what kind of diet is best for you.
Remember: if your detoxification reactions do not improve and drinking high-quality water is not sufficient, other simple detoxification measures such as sauna or sweating sessions as well as salt baths may prove  to be excellent detoxification and deacidification options. Miniature trampoline jumping and lymph drainage can also be helpful in activating the lymph system.
Often, in the process of treating a particular complex of symptoms, for instance bloating, other symptoms that seem to be unrelated, for example a sinus infection, also improve automatically. This is because the same bacteria can cause either disease and many symptoms can be removed simultaneously.

Therefore one more reminder: it is of the utmost importance that you create an extensive list of your symptoms before you begin. Keep a log of your frequency sessions so that you will have exact documentation of when you start feeling better with certain combinations. Especially with frequency combinations, it is difficult to remember what was effective even after just a few weeks and repeat the results.

Also please remember that people respond differently to the frequencies. What helped one person quickly may take a little more time with another.


Stay consistent in your attempts and the frequencies are sure to give you an improvement.