Software versions archive

Software version

Newest changes:
  • New function: a few chipcards of the library are now also available for the Biowave Zapper
  • Missing chipcards have been added: borreliosis and tinnitus
  • If a chipcard has more than one sequence, the individual sequences now show up in the search list
  • Bugfix: The window with explanations now starts at the highest scroll position
  • Bugfix: This window is now modal – you have to close it before you can continue working with the software
  • Bugfix: If manually non wobbel programms have been chosen, sometimes the could not be played with the Diamond Shield
  • Bugfix: Sometimes the software froze, when the cursor hovered above the tooltip icon
  • Bugfix: When the tab “editing programs” was activ and the chipcard was removed, an error message appeared
  • Improvement: Buttons of the tool bar now also have tooltips
  • Improvement: When changing librarys a search will automatically be started
  • Improvement: Modulation information for chipards don’t show up anymore
  • Improvement: In contact and license information it is clear, which controls are read-only and which aren’t

Software version from April 18th, 2017

Newest changes:

  • Button for renewed loading of the chipcard. Only active, if the chipcard has been changed.
  • Function cut, copy and paste for sequences and programs. The function is only possible with the pro version of the software.
  • When entering frequencies it is now possible to enter two digits after the decimal point.
  • Bugfix: program license couldn’t always be recognized at the start of a program with an input master chipcard.
  • Bugfix: When deleting a program often the wrong one was chosen.
  • Bugfix: When editing a program sometimes the total time of sequences would not be shown.